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Single Cone HHC


Ready-made and convenient. Our proprietary blends are formulated to ensure a noticeable entourage effect. Great flavors to enjoy. Inhale yourself to a better space.

Available in 5 flavors: Pineapple Express, Berry Kush, Cherry Bomb, Grape Soda, Lemon Blast

(buy 4, get 1 free)

Ingredients : 100mg HHC, Terpenes, CBD flower, CBG flower

2000mg CBD + CBG per pack (20 sticks)

100mg CBD + 20mg CBG per stick

Small Batch Organic Hemp

Slow Cured for a Smooth Taste and Mouth Feel

THC Free, Non-Addictive

All products are fully compliant, and contain high purity pharmaceutical grade ingredients. 

Our hemp is sourced from a clean and safe water-based extraction process. There is no solvent residue, and is free from pesticides and mycotoxins.

The CBD CGD flower is a proprietary blend to ensure you experience the entourage effects of cannabis/hemp.

You’ll find our products consistent in quality and affordability to be your everyday smoke.


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